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The Musical Side of Portugal - Soundwaves in Porto

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What some may not know is that Portugal is a haven for music lovers, especially in the summer! The portuguese summer is teeming with sites to explore and things to do, like the beautiful golden beaches or the incredible green hills. But! If you’re more of a “listener” than a hiker, then I’ve got some great suggestions for you! I’ll be presenting the biggest summer music festivals in Portugal, all the way from the breezy North to the warm South.

NOS Primavera Sound

For this first article I should talk about the first of the bigger festivals: NOS Primavera Sound. The festival shares its name, and a big part of its line-up, with the one in Barcelona, and, albeit smaller in scale, it also attracts a large crowd of national and international audience, that gather in joyful commune around the beautiful grassy fields of Parque da Cidade, Porto, around the months of May/June.

Parque da Cidade (Porto)
Parque da Cidade (Porto)
589C+Q6 Porto, Portugal

Main Stage at NOS Primavera Sound, by Hugo Lima.

Where is it?

Porto, the largest city in northern Portugal, and second largest in the whole country, after Lisbon. It has become of late a must-visit in terms of turism in Portugal, not just for the wine and food, but for its immense history and culture, visible just by looking at it. It’s a real tapestry of old and new that sits right next to the gorgeous river Douro. Porto itself has a lot to see, but following the river, and heading to the sea, you’ll get to Parque da Cidade. This awesome park is one of the largest in the city and it has a myriad of beautiful vegetation that blends really well with the festival setting. And this isn’t just for show, lots of festivals in Portugal have taken a more bio-friendly approach, but Primavera Sound tries to go a step further, hosting environmental campaigns and serving renewable cups and biodegradable straws (amongst other things).

NOS Primavera Sound in Parque da Cidade, by Hugo Lima.

How to get there?

The festival doesn’t have an official camping site near the venue, unlike most festivals, and this can be a bummer for some, but, even though I also like the camping experience, the festival and the city work together to give regular and varied transportation to the festival from almost anywhere, and on the website, it gives lots of tips about hostels and guesthouses to stay during the festival! Important tip for when you get there: don’t bring a lot of food, they tend to be very strict with what you can bring to the venue.

Tents where you can chill during the festival, by Hugo Lima.

What to see?

That’s the most important question! Because the main reason you should go to festivals is line-up, and Primavera Sound brings the some of the best alternative bands from all over the globe! Not escaping some bigger, more commercial names along the way. The festival has held many varied shows, like the explosive rhymes from Run the Jewels, the somber melodies of Nick Cave, the blasting rock from Swans, and even the pure adrenaline of a Death Grips concert. So get informed and see what the line-up holds and if it suits your own tastes! From my personal experience Primavera Sound rarely disappoints!

Run the Jewels at NOS Primavera Sound, by Hugo Lima.

So feel free to experience the many music festivals Portugal has to offer like this one, for more tips on other festivals check some of my other articles, or read this one by fellow editor Vasco.

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The author

André Jesus

André Jesus

I am André, from Portugal. I grew up in the south, but I live in Lisbon. Whenever I can, I go out and experience whatever Portugal has to offer. And I'm here to share those experiences!

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