Picture © Credits to istock/standret
Picture © Credits to istock/standret


Iceland is a mountainous island located in the north Atlantic, between Europe and North America....

The largest city and capital is Reykjavik, but most travelers don’t stay long there, at best 2 or 3 days. A paradise for nature lovers, the whole island indeed has so much else to offer. There are many hiking possibilities, as well as others that will give you adrenaline rush such as ice climbing, glaciers hiking, rafting, dogsledding, skiing. The main natural attractions in Iceland are Vatnajokull National Park, the largest in Europe; Snaefellsjokull National Park, an ice-covered volcano crater; the famous so-called "Blue Lagoon"; the Golden Falls, geysirs near Gullfoss; the majestic glacial lagoon of Jokulsarion. Willing to know more about that part of the world where you feel so small?

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