Picture © Credits to istock/Xantana
Picture © Credits to istock/Xantana

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a European country located on the Balkan peninsula. It used to be part of Yugoslavia but gained independence in 1992. It borders Croatia to the north, west and southwest, Serbia to the east and Montenegro to the southeast....

Mostly mountainous, it has access to a tiny portion of the Adriatic Sea coastline in the south. Great natural attractions can be found all around, even close to the main cities. Take a horse carriage to Vrelo Bosne to join Sarajevo for quiet getaways and picnics. The waterfalls of Kravice, about 40km from Mostar, make for another fabulous natural trip. A popular spot for city dwellers and rafters, the water of the Trebižat River drops some 30 meters in a beautiful natural setting of tuff walls. Top picks for village life can be found in the historic citadel of Počitelj, Blagaj or, for environmentalists, in the Zelenkovac ecovillage near Mrkonjić Grad. Just outside of Radimlja is the largest collection of Stećak, a remarkable kind of pre-Ottoman tombstones that are found throughout the ancient Bosnian Kingdom.

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