Picture © Credits to istock/ake1150sb
Picture © Credits to istock/ake1150sb


Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It has borders with France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east and Germany to the north....

Switzerland is known for its mountains (Alps in the south, Jura in the northwest) but it also has a central plateau of rolling hills, plains, and large lakes. Switzerland is renowned over the world for downhill skiing, and the country is also great for many other outdoor activities, including hiking and mountain biking. Mountain climbing, from easy to very hard, can also be found in Switzerland, and there is hardly another place with a longer tradition for this. Some routes, like the North face of the Eiger, have become near-mythical due to the hardships, sacrifice and even deaths suffered by the first people to climb them. And because of the breathtaking views, travelling from one place to another by car, bus, train or bike along alpine roads and railroads is often an experience in itself.

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