Picture © istock/RomanBabakin
Picture © istock/RomanBabakin


Latvia is a Baltic state bordered by Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. Riga, Latvia's main city and capital, is also its most famous spot when it comes to travelers coming in the country for the first time....

Beside Riga, the country is still under the radar of mass tourism and full of hidden gems to discover, whether rural or urban. Among others, once in Latvia, you will see Karosta, a unique former secret military town as well as a magnificent beach; you will be stunned by the Venta rapids in Kuldiga, the widest waterfalls of Europe; you can enter the medieval castle of Cesis and discover its impressive ruins and so much else! You can also enjoy the 500 kilometers of wild beauty along Latvia’s unspoilt sea coast, that consists of white, soft sandy beaches. Dense forests are home for nature trails and nature parks. Who is ready to discover all the well-kept secrets of Latvia?

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