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Matosinhos, a sandy paradise

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Having already written about my Porto experience I’ve decided to present a place where I found my inner self while spending a great afternoon with my all time & childhood best friend, Kiki. Far from the city’s noise, and only a few kilometres outside Porto’s center, Matosinhos and its incredible sandy beach stole my heart. The soothing sound of the waves and its enticing, broad arc of pale sand is an experience not to be missed.

Matosinhos beach
Matosinhos beach
R. Heróis de França 133, 4450-718 Matosinhos, Portugal
Matosinhos is Porto's main beach. A long stretch of fine sand backed by apartment blocks, an esplanade and a number of small cafes make it with no doubt pleasant enough. In summer there's always some sort of activity on the beach and it is considered to be one of Portugal’s best surf spot.

As an oceanic beach, the temperatures of the water can be freezing. The wind is usually very strong, especially in winter, but that shouldn’t be keeping you away from visiting it. The area around the beach is popular for its restaurants where you can have fresh fish while enjoying incredible views.

As mentioned, while visiting Portugal, we had the chance to visit Matosinhos beach and I really have to confess that it was stunning even in wintertime. We walked along the beach, we had some drinks while rolling in the sand (yeah, we are greek and we love the coasts, even in winter) and we enjoyed probably the most colourful sunset I’ve ever seen. Literally the sun was hiding into the waves and its reflection in the sky was just impressive. Of course, seeing those colors we decided to have a personal photoshoot at the beach and yes, the results were rewarding. You can see below, isn’t it beautiful? Honestly, I m just being objective here!

The spacious sands, the wide promenades and the choice of bars and restaurants around it made our Matosihnos excursion an unforgettable experience!

I personally recommend this place and I am pretty sure you are gonna enjoy it as much as I did!

Leave a comment below and tell me about your experience if you’ve already been there! I’d be glad to hear about it! Cheers!

The author

Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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