Picture © Credits to istock/SeanPavonePhoto
Picture © Credits to istock/SeanPavonePhoto

Northern Portugal

The northern region of Portugal holds great importance in the history of the country. It was in the North that Portugal began, has a region of the old kingdom of Castile (today’s Spain). For that reason, the North is the most archeological and historical heavy region in Portugal....

It holds beautiful natural landscapes, ancient castles and holds, preserved medieval villages and some of the most imposing mountains in the country. The North is vast and holds many hidden wonders. Its most known and impressive sites can be found in the wonderful cities of Braga, Bragança, Guimarães (the first portuguese city) and Viana do Castelo, the smaller towns of Amarante, Barcelos and Foz Côa (which has some of the most famous pre-historic carvings found in Portugal). The historical relevance of this region is so immense that there is a dedicated route for those interested in seeing its most relevant locations, called Rota do Românico. You can also find and get lost in vast natural reserves like Peneda-Gêres National Park and Montesinho Natural Park, both sitting next to the border with Spain. There are other, smaller natural parks, like Litoral Norte, near the coast, and Alvão, in the center of the region. Last, but definitely not least, this region holds the Metropolitan City of Porto, which, next to Lisbon, is one of Portugal’s biggest and busiest cities. Porto is older and smaller than the capital, but just as much importance. Besides the ever-growing tourist movement in the city, due to its cultural and historical “must-see” landmarks, Porto has the international distinction of being the place of origin of one the most renowned wines worldwide, Port Wine. Its origin dates all the way back to ancient times, always connected to the beautiful valley of the Douro river. Starting in Spain, it runs all the way through the North, almost cutting the Region in half, and meets the Atlantic under the watch of the city of Porto.

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