Picture © Credits to istock/TomasSereda
Picture © Credits to istock/TomasSereda


Poland is located in Central Europe. From north to south, Poland offers a full variety of landscapes, appealing to travellers with very different interests and profiles. In the north, the coast is marked by several spits, coastal lakes and dunes. Going through the center, you will get across plains and lakes. The south is rather mountainous....

Even if Warsaw is the capital, Krakow is the most visited city in Poland. It holds the relics from the Polish Golden Age of Renaissance. Historic villages, castles and churches can be admired all over the country, and contribute to an impressive cultural heritage that is a reason in itself for visiting Poland. Beyond its historical monuments, Poland also proposes to adventure lovers many activities such as skiing, sailing, mountain hiking, climbing, agro-tourism and sightseeing. Even if you stay in a city, natural attractions are never far away: the country possesses 23 national parks, with Bialowieza National Park - home to bisons - being the most famous one!

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