Picture © Credits to istock/dennisvdw
Picture © Credits to istock/dennisvdw

North Holland

The North Holland region is located in the northwestern part of the country on the North Sea. The capital and seat of the provincial government is Haarlem, one of the most populated metropolitan areas of Europe, and its largest city is the Netherlands' capital, Amsterdam....

One of the most famous destinations worldwide, Amsterdam offers all kinds of activities. Cited as the city of freedom, in Amsterdam you can enjoy things and places that are considered illegal in other countries. On you list, you should definitely include the Van Gogh museum, with a wide variety of the painter’s works, and the Anne Frank museum, which will give a historical knowledge of the Holocaust period. Wander around the city’s streets and canals for the most instagrammable photos and stop by Dam Square to feel the city center vibes.

Cities and towns to visit in North Holland

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