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10 Bars to Cure your Hangover in Amsterdam

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If you’ve had a big night out in Amsterdam, the best way to recharge the next day is to hang out at an hangover bar. A hangover bar has comfy seats and friendly staff, a calm and soothing atmosphere, yummy food, homemade soft drinks, roaster coffee, sometimes hot tubs and even weed. Cosy, quaint and nice, or as the Dutch would say "Gezellig!".

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺for PartyWith, the free app that connects people who love to party. Hi, I’m Izzy and I used to work with the amazing PartyWith team in Amsterdam. Today I write for them on Itinari, sharing my best tips about nightlife in Europe. My goal is to connect people one party at a time. So join me on the app and let’s go dancing💃!

Café De Ceuvel: The Sun-Bathing Rehab

Set by a boat village in the North of Amsterdam, Café De Ceuvel is just a 5-minutes ferry ride away from Amsterdam Central Station and another 10-minutes bike ride. De Ceuvel serves home-grown food, local beers and is ecologically sustainable. Their DIY-style boat terrace is perfect for sun-bathing during summer days. De Ceuvel’s overall peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, tasty good and friendly people makes it the perfect rehab spot to cure your hangover.

Hangover Tip: Cure your belly with some of those devine items spotted on the menu; fresh baked pizza, vegan raspberry cheesecake, mushroom bitter-ballen, homemade tonic, ginger lemonade, … the list goes on!

© Photo credit by Adam Nowek

Café Brecht: The Comfy Ramshackle Palace

Cosy Café Brecht with his dimmed lights and bric-à-brac atmosphere will win your heart over. The bar has comfy floral couches, velvet seats, old wooden tables, candlelights, decorated walls with smoked glass mirrors, old paintings and dusty antic posters. The Café Brecht menu includes a great selection of tea, craft beers, Glühwein, yummy cakes and German dinner items and bretzels.

Hangover Tip: Take out your sunglasses as light is not too bright. Or sit outside in the sun on their lovely terrasse and borrow a good old board game for a short return to childhood.

© Photo credit by David Knollmann

Pllek: Comfy Seats and Harbour Feel

Let the winter evenings settle down on this wonderful pub made from reconditioned shipping contains. Pllek is a great bar to unwind any time of the season; scenic view, openminded, lots of light, beach, outdoor cinema, live music, bonfire, wall of windows opening on the water, fireplace and comfy seats. Great to hang out with friends for a couple of hours and enjoy that delicious hangover brunch.

Hangover Tip: Take the free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station to NDSM-werf. Don't forget your blanket if you plan to stay out late as it can get a bit chilly when the sun sets. Try out the Champagne-Rhubarb crumble with a Caramel sorbet.

© Photo credit by Roel Driever

Roest: Hammocks and Chesterfield Sofas

Escape the rush without leaving the center. Roest is a laid-back bar with something special for everyone: beer garden, beach, live music, DJ every night & lots of special events. That red brick converted industrial building also has lots of comfy seating to chill-out: chesterfield sofas, hammocks, boats, and good foods and drinks.

Hangover tip: Take off your shoes and chill with a herbal maté or a nice amber beer. Enjoy the bonfire on the beach at night and the fireplace inside during winter time. I also love their homemade Mango Slushie called “Fuck me up” - perfect to cure a hangover with alcohol.

© Photo credit by Adam Nowak

Hannekes Boom: The Exotic Hide-Away

Hannekes boom is famous for its outside beer garden with tons of exotic decorations. The bar sits on the waterfront near central station and is popular amongst locals for its 70s feel summer vibes. Curl up on a wooden bench outside, under a ceiling made of tree branches and relax by the soothing sound of the water hitting the riverbank.

Hangover Tip: During day or night, Hannekes Boom is the hippie refuge next-door and one the best waterside bars in Amsterdam. Rest your ears with vinyl evenings, Jazz & Blues, 60s and 70s music - and sometimes DJs.

© Photo credit by Floris van Halm

Little Collins: Boozy Brunch

Incredibly delicious food (and booze) in Amsterdam's hip and trendy neighbourhood, The Pijp. The cosy atmosphere of Little Collins reminds us the good old pubs of England and Liverpool. Brunch Menu inspirations; avocado on toast, portobello roast with poached eggs, Kimchi waffle, spiced ground beef with pumpkin hummus, ...

Hangover Tip: Fight fire with fire. Cure the bad hangover with an original Bloody-Mary and some good old brunch.

© Photo credit by Hannah Lane

Volkshotel: The Rooftop with the Hot-Tubs

Casual and creative. Volkshotel is a name that will stick in your head if you have been there at least once. Spectacular rooftop with a view, hot-tubs, sauna, live-music, restaurant, lounge bar, freelance working spaces, club "Canvas" and after-club "Doka" - and of course: beds for a rest! Whatever the weather and how you feel, you will feel home at Volkshotel.

Hangover Tip: Take your swimsuit and hop in the the hot-tubs. Enjoy the view and relax. You can also book an affordable room and enjoy a full weekend at this young and vibrant hotel. Hot-tubs are open to public on Sundays from noon to 6PM.

© Photo credit by Mark Groeneveld for Volkshotel

Back To Black: The Fairytale-like Coffee-Roaster

Away from hustle and bustle of the city center, Back to black is nearby Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. It has the best espresso in town and a large coffee roaster menu to choose from. Dimmed lights and origami sculptures hang from the ceiling. The bar typically attracts creative freelancers during day time and is usually very calm.

Hangover Tip: Coffee cures everything. Back to Black opens at 8AM, which makes it an ideal transit on your way back from any Amsterdam clubbing night.

© Photo credit by Soile Vaukonen

Coffee & Coconuts: Tropical Hangover Lounge

It has beds. Should we go any further? This old cinema has been converted into a three-floor bar, bursting with life and creativity. Coffee and coconuts serves some really good food and healthy alternatives. Nice to chill-out with a friend, read a book or plan your next night out (we recommend hangover special: Nightlife: The 7 Best Techno Clubs in Amsterdam).

Hangover Tip: Take an afternoon nap on their amazing large sofas or bean bags.

© Photo credit by Martha Sarah

Amnesia: Most Chill Coffee-Shop

For the newcomers and Connoisseurs. Amnesia is a very pleasant Coffeeshop on the Herengracht with outdoor seating. They specialise in organically grown weed (including Bio Sage and Amnesia Haze) and have plenty of NYC-type soft drinks: milkshakes, ice-cream sodas, vanilla cokes, chocolate malteds and NYC egg-cream. Most other places would be on our list of what not to do in Amsterdam. Amnesia is definitely a MUST-GO coffeeshop.

Hangover Tip: Relax, enjoy the view on Amsterdam canals, have a great drink and a good smoke. Listen to the recommendations of the owners for the best pot for you.

An article curated with ❤ and 🍺for PartyWith, the free app that connects people who love to party.

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