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University of Milano; A short guide to the student life

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Continuing my “Promoting Erasmus and studying abroad” pages, I now introduce you to the University of Milano. Let’s suppose that you are an Erasmus student or in general a student planning to study abroad for a semester or so. What are the factors that you would take into consideration before choosing your next destination and university? How would you organize your background research? What are the things that you’d love to know about your university in advance? Here’s a short research I did about one of the biggest universities in Italy that welcomes thousands of Erasmus students every year.

Welcome to the University of Milano!

Background info; The university; The University of Milan is a public teaching and research university, which - with 8 faculties and 2 schools and a teaching staff of more than 2000 professors - is distinguished by its wide variety of disciplinary fields. A leading institute in Italy and Europe for scientific productivity, the University of Milan is the largest university in the region, with approximately 64,000 students; it is also an important resource for the socio-economic context of which it is a part. The University of Milan also possesses a remarkable artistic and cultural heritage that includes important historic buildings, inherited and acquired collections, archives, botanical gardens and the old Brera Observatory commissioned by Maria Teresa of Austria. The University’s departments are housed in important historic edifices in the centre of Milan and in modern buildings in the area known as Città Studi (the City of Studies).

University of Milano
University of Milano
Via Festa del Perdono, 7, 20122 Milano MI, Ιταλία

The life in the city

Italy’s capital of fashion and finance is one of the country’s most multicultural and diverse cities, with a stimulating rhythm that never gets too stressful. The city’s rich history and classical architecture are a counterpoint to the modern pace of life and the rising towers designed by 21st-century starchitects.

Culturally it boasts some world renowned attractions such as the “Duomo”, the world’s fourth-largest church; the “Cenacolo Vinciano”, Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Last Supper; the “Teatro alla Scala”, Milan’s famous and fabulous opera house and the “Castello Sforzesco”, which houses a collection of modern museums that are well stocked with impressive antiquities. Its unique location allows you to reach the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, the Alps and Italy’s most beautiful lakes (Lago di Como, Lago Maggiore and Lago di Garda) in just a few hours.

Milano is the perfect a place to study abroad for students coming from all over the world.

Students are drawn to the city for many reasons, though a main one is that education in Milano does not just take place inside the classroom: it is experienced off campus as well. So whether you’re thinking about studying Economics, Design, Science, Law, Communication, Engineering, Art, Medicine, Philosophy – or anything else – studying here is sure to put everything into a whole new perspective, and to enrich your life in ways you never thought possible.

Housing and accommodation;

The University provides a refectory and accommodation service, based on criteria of financial need and academic merit. It offers enrolled students approximately 400 beds, in halls of residence and apartments situated close to the university buildings. The accommodation is equipped with computers and recreational facilities. To take advantage of the service, students must meet the criteria of academic merit and financial need, as established by the competitive examination announcement concerning scholarships.

Important info;

Average rental in shared accomodation; 450 euros. Monthly transportation subscription; 35 euros . Monthly food cost; 290 euros. Average lunch price at a restaurant; 15 euros. Average Fitness subscription; 50 euros. Beer Price at a bar; 5 euros.

..and of course do not forget to join the local ESN community!

ESN works in the interest of all international students, not just for Erasmus students. ESN offers a clear introductory programme for all international students to introduce them to the laws, rules and customs of their host country.

Pack your bags and choose Milano as your Erasmus or studying abroad destination! Cheers!

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Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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