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University of Salamanca; A short guide to the student life

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Continuing my “Promoting Erasmus and studying abroad” pages, I now introduce you to the University of Salamanca. Let’s suppose that you are an Erasmus student or in general a student planning to study abroad for a semester or so. What are the factors that you would take into consideration before choosing your next destination and university? How would you organize your background research? What are the things that you’d love to know about your university in advance? Here’s a short research I did about one of the biggest universities in Spain that welcomes thousands of Erasmus students every year.

Welcome to the University of Salamanca!

Background info; The university; Founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX, Salamanca University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Spain. It became the first Spanish university to offer language courses to foreign students when it inaugurated its Spanish language program in 1929. Foreign students have the chance to study a wide range of subjects and programs. The University prides itself on being a multicultural hub of learning- foreign students make up around 25% of the total student body, coming from over 70 countries.

University of Salamanca
University of Salamanca
Patio de Escuelas, 1, 37008 Salamanca, Spain

One of the oldest universities in the world.

Founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX, the University of Salamanca is one of the oldest and most significant universities in the world. By 1254 it had received acknowledgment from Pope Alexander IV as being one of the four great world universities, along with the universities of Oxford, Paris and Bologna. During the medieval and modern periods, the university received its funding through royal and papal concessions, and the five colleges of Law, Canon Law, Theology, Medicine and Arts-Philosophy were formed. Today, Salamanca University consists of the colleges of Law, Liberal Arts, and Science and Medicine, as well as possessing numerous highly regarded academic units such as its Spanish language institute. The university enjoys an annual population of 30,000 students participating in upwards of 250 academic programs.

The life in the city

Although the city of Salamanca is small, once you arrive to Salamanca you instantly feel the “youth” atmosphere. Salamanca is a city full of universities and as a result, a city full of young people. The nightlife offered in the city is unique; traditional bars open till late, clubs, street “botellons”, fiestas all around and the best thing that I’ll never forget…bars serving breakfast at 5.30am! What’s the best way to end a great night out?

Salamanca is home to charming historic attractions and stunning architecture; the old city was named as a UNESCO World Heritage sight in 1988. As the city is small, it is easy to reach everything by foot and lends itself to walking. The majority of its sights of interest are museums, palaces, religious buildings and squares. The fact that most are built out of sandstone has given Salamanca the nickname of ‘La Dorada’, or the ‘Golden city’ as a result of the golden glow the architecture bestows on the city.

Housing and accommodation;

Useful websites while searching for accommodation;


Important info;

Average rental in shared accomodation; 200 euros. Monthly transportation subscription; 30 euros . Monthly food cost; 160 euros. Average lunch price at a restaurant; 7 euros. Average Fitness subscription; 30 euros. Beer Price at a bar; 2 euros.

..and of course do not forget to join the local ESN community!

ESN works in the interest of all international students, not just for Erasmus students. ESN offers a clear introductory programme for all international students to introduce them to the laws, rules and customs of their host country.

Pack your bags and choose Salamanca as your Erasmus or studying abroad destination! Cheers!

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Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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