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The ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches - Part III

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The third part of the ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches will take you through the southern side of the Luštica Peninsula. Here, from the road as well as from each of the beaches, one can enjoy a beautiful view of the Adriatic horizon. This side of the peninsula is a part of the Tivat Municipality and represents a truly wonderful part of the Montenegrin coast.

At this side of the peninsula, one can find a long sandy beach, a popular beach bar and a restaurant, but also some hidden gems and spots where one can feel isolated and enjoy in silence.

Blue Horizons Beach

Located at the Pržno cove in the beginning of the Luštica Peninsula, the Blue Horizons Beach is for many the most beautiful spot in this part of the Montenegrin coast. A sandy beach, about 300 m long, can host up to one thousand visitors. The olive trees and pine forest provide a natural sun protection, which is why many people choose this beach for their favorite summer spot. A gradient water depth makes this beach ideal for the kids and swimming beginners. Pržno is also considered to be the place with the best ratio of sunny days per year. From Tivat or Kotor, it takes only 15-20 minutes to reach this beach by car.

Almara Beach Club – Oblatno

Oblatno is located 15 km from Tivat, and it represents a small bay with a popular beach club – Almara. This is a spot different from the previous place, as it is far away from being isolated and silent. Almara Beach Club is for those who love a loud music, day parties, drinking cocktails and for those who enjoy the crowded atmosphere. Around the beach bar, there are comfortable sun loungers and parasols for renting, as well as a restaurant with great cuisine just near the beach bar. At the end of Oblatno, but very close to the bar, there is a pebble beach where you can place your towel for free and spend a day in a less crowded environment.

Pecka Beach

Pecka Beach was in the past approachable only by boat, but today one can access it by car, bike or foot. Pecka is 3 km away from the Blue Horizons beach and only 300 m from Almara. Nowadays, it is getting more popular, unlike in the past when it was visited only by the locals. Its name, the Pecka beach got because of the sand that during the day gets so hot that it burns your feet. Hidden under the cliff next to the stone pit, it is also one more of those quiet and peaceful places on the Luštica Peninsula. The Pecka can also be very interesting for the amateur divers because of the small caves and cliffs surrounding the beach.

Dobra Luka Bay

Dobra Luka is a well-kept secret. It is a beautiful small bay with a few beaches, almost always empty or settled only by the few locals, who come here to chill and enjoy the silence. The Dobra Luka looks like a hidden cove, located between the Mačka Cape and the Kočište Cape. Those who discover this spot by chance, are amazed by its crystal clear water and beaches surrounded by the forests. One can reach the Dobra Luka by boat or by car. The road is dusty and narrow, but it is worth driving this way as the place is like a small private paradise.

This was a final part of the ultimate guide to the Luštica settlements and beaches. After previous articles about the authentic Luštica settlements and part of peninsula that belongs to Herceg Novi, this closes a series of Luštica most attractive swimming sites.

The author

Katarina Kalicanin

Katarina Kalicanin

I am Katarina and the country I know the most is definitely my own: Montenegro. Active hiker constantly in touch with nature, I am eager to present my country to the world.

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