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Tivat - the youngest town in Boka Bay

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Tivat is one more charming city in wonderful Boka Bay. Separated from Kotor by mount Vrmac, Tivat is a very popular touristic destination with a tendency to become a nautical touristic center of the southern Adriatic. Tivat is the youngest town in Boka Bay, but thanks to numerous attractions it is one of the most favorable cities on the Montenegrin coast.

Tivat is mostly known for Porto Montenegro – the luxury yacht homeport and marina village. Founded in 2010 by Peter Munk, Porto Montenegro transformed Tivat - a simple, ordinary, adriatic town into a romantic, sparkling city that many compare to Monaco. Indeed, while walking by all these luxurious yachts and strolling through a whitish nautical village, one feels like being on a set of a romantic movie scene.

In addition, Tivat has many touristic attractions to be seen, sandy beaches and lovely islands. If I had to choose one of each, my favorites would definitely be the Naval Heritage Collection – a museum with a very valuable collection of over 300 artefacts that represent rich maritime tradition of Tivat and its surroundings; Verige Beach - a beach bar with nice music and the Island of our Lady of Mercy – a pretty island with a small church, splendid views and amazing scenery.

Inevitably, every time I come to Tivat, I walk down the long Promenade and have a lunch or dinner in a restaurant Prova, situated on the waterfront. When is warm enough, it is a real pleasure to sit outside on Provas terrace and while having a dinner, listen to the sound of sea.

Although small, Tivat has a lot to offer and even though it is the youngest town in Boka Bay, it has a rich maritime and historical heritage.

The author

Katarina Kalicanin

Katarina Kalicanin

I am Katarina and the country I know the most is definitely my own: Montenegro. Active hiker constantly in touch with nature, I am eager to present my country to the world.

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