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Spirit Youth - Free Your Mind

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About Spirit Youth

The aim of Spirit Youth is to create a European Itinerary based on spirituality but this is a topic that is offered, somehow, in some of the European Cultural Routes. The aims of these routes are to promote European Cultural heritage and identity, to strength democratic dimension of cultural exchange and tourism, SMEs development though the involvement of local and regional authorities, grassroots networks, associations, universities and professional organisations.

Why do the Spirit Youth Itinerary?

In the rush of today’s modern life, where things move at lightning pace and you can never stop to sit down and draw breath for fear of being left behind, Spirit Youth allows you to escape from daily stresses and demands that threaten to overwhelm. Seeking to provide you with the opportunity to rejuvenate your mind and body through learning about some of Europe’s most spiritual destinations, giving you the chance to understand Europe’s spirit, and your own. Spirit Youth allows you travel either by yourself or with a group, and undertake carefully prepared activities and itineraries with likeminded travellers who want to escape and discover something new about themselves and the world

Spirit Youth activities: Free Your Mind!


The author

Spirit Youth

Spirit Youth


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