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Rovinj means adventure

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As I wrote before, you should visit Rovinj and treat all your senses. But Rovinj is even more! This city can offer something for everyone. Even if you are not passionate for romantic scenery, you can find yourself enjoying in this town. Rovinj means adventure, so, go to Rovinj and go for an adventure! I promise, you won’t regret.

Diving in Rovinj

Even if you are a beginner or experienced diver, the clear sea is waiting for you to explore it. Don’t miss to see Baron Gautsch. It is maybe one of the most popular wrecks in the whole Adriatic. This boat sank during WWII along with 147 people. Today, it is home to many fish and corals. You can explore caves if you have more experience and prepare yourself to see magnificent of an underwater world.


Islands in Rovinj archipelago

Rovinj’s archipelago consists of twenty islands. The biggest two, St. Andrija and St. Katarina that have facilities for a visit longer than few hours. This area is held for its outstanding natural beauty. You can rent a boat and go on your own, or take one of the tours on the local boats to visit a few of the islands. You can find a boat every hour sailing from the main port in Rovinj or from the fishing port Rovinj.


Of course, one of the most important parts of every place near the sea – the beach! Rovinj has several beaches. Two of them are the most visited and the most popular - Škaraba on the Cape Škaraba and Lone Bay. Monte Beach is in the center of Rovinj and with its rocky seaside is little magical. Porton Biondi Beach is only about one kilometer from the city center and only beach from where you can see the tower of St. Euphemia and Old Town. Polari Beach is few kilometers distanced from Rovinj and it is only auto camp nearby. Veštar Bay is only with a sandy beach ideal for children. Mulini beach underneath Hotel Monte Milini definitely is the most luxurious beach in Rovinj. And if you are ready for a walk and exploration, you can find few small hidden places to swim and hide from curious eyes.

Bike ride

You can join an organized bike tour, also you can choose among many distances and difficulty levels of the ride. You will see that it is much easier to go with professionals or with groups, particularly if you are the first time in Rovinj.

Festivals in Rovinj

Several small festivals are held in Rovinj every year. Neither of them is famous enough to crowd many people, so the city is their stage. One of the most popular festivals here is definitely Rovinj Jazz Festival, but there is also Dolce Vita Festival, Summer Sensual Days and Summer Salsa Festival.

Believe it or not, this is not everything Rovinj has to offer. So, come and find your hidden spot in this wonderful place and make the maximum of your next adventure in Rovinj!

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The author

Marko Radojević

Marko Radojević

I am Marko, 28 years old, from Croatia. Travel, languages and nature enthusiast, lover and explorer. I share about my beautiful country.

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