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Riksgränsen - the ski regime

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From long ago there were personality types linked to elements in this world. There are four types: Earth, water, fire, and air. Here is their experience of Riksgrænsen. You will see these four types sharing their experience at Riksgransæn ski resort on the Swedish - Norwegian border. If you don't care about skiing, you can check out the northern light in the North of Norway or the Swedish Northern light.

Fun fact: these four types are actually four people I have talked to who shared their experience with me about this place. These are their stories:

The alpine hills are awesome, the Swedish mountain shapes is a good challenge for my body. I even did a backflip. The waiting lines to go up the lift is really small or non-existent. That gives me the ability to try so many different slopes, I will never have time to visit them all! After the hills, we are going to the saunas and the outside hot tub. I was told by Air that it is psychologically refreshing and the Finnish and Swedish people who do this the most have a generally much better body than other parts of the world.

There was also a snowboard crew who made a movie and jumped from the roof and into a wall and I wanted to chime in and do that too. Also, you can do a helicopter ride and they take you to a hill and you cruise down! The people who come here are skiers and boarders. Skiers and boarders are doers, just like me.

The outside tub gives your body a new shield to help you gain peace with your environment. I need the snow to balance out the outside of my head. It is easy to communicate with the other people here. Peacefulness is shining out from them. Almost nobody is from this place. They travel from outside. Even the workers here.

Their mind is traveling and this is their pit stop. When we think of getting in touch with nature it is usually a warm forest with leaves and wood and lakes that come into the head. That is one type of nature. The other nature types like winter and dessert and all that is necessary to experience for having a balanced mind. It's like reading multiple genres of a book from so many different countries to get a broader perspective. ​The treatment you get here is incredible for your emotional wellbeing. Also, it is not yet overcrowded!

What we tried to achieve was to go to the top of Marie pigg, and we succeeded. We also wanted to ride snowmobiles. I made it into a race. It's amazing how much speed you can get. We found some other people and they were totally in for a race too.

Our challenge was to get to know other people so that we could party during the night. After gaining the respect of the snowmobile guys by beating them in a race, they invited us to their hotel room and there was a whole gang of skiing people who drank and sang old Swedish folk songs. You have to work hard to get to this point. Where you party with strangers like this. Also, one funny thing. I can get passionate and nationalistic over other countries' music so I got very passionate in my dance on the room floor with the Swedish music. The guys here are up for adrenaline and are open for radical stuff. The people put effort into making the vacation great around here.

​​I like the idea of having the hotel right next to the slope. So you can wake up with boots and stuff on your feet and be in the lift in 5 minutes after you wake up. The Swedes know how to entertain people in this deserted place with all this fun park elements around. With fun park elements I mean the ski lift ride and also the food you can eat here where they have stuff like moose and goose. You can eat a potato if you're vegan.

The food is a fun ride for your body and energy levels. It is very unprocessed so the trip you have here will keep you in a healthy mind. Just steer away from those red bull cans! The air here is amazing. The best on earth. So much nature. You will see in people that their body is occupied with good quality nature. They're less stressed and are easier to deal with because their mood is better. From this trip, I notice how obviously good the surrounding make you feel and how crazy it is that we live in a big city where stress is taking us down. Maybe there will be some evolutionary benefits to humanity from being in a big city that we handle stress better. Who knows? I thought we would do too much physical stuff and have no space for meaningful conversation. I am surprised by this places people and their openness to ideas!

​ Fun fact: I had to spice up their stories, just you to know that they are BASED on truth let's say

The author

Kai Bonsaksen

Kai Bonsaksen

I'm Kai from Norway. I always follow that little voice in my head that tells me to go and explore new places … and on itinari, I talk about the ones I know the best!

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