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Nijmegen, the Summer Capital of Holland

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If there’s one city in the world that would get me emotional while writing about it, well that’s the small city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Honestly, it’s a city that I can’t really describe in words…it’s a city of feelings that once upon a time stole my heart.

Moving to Nijmegen 4 years ago, has definitely changed my life... I had some of the most amazing months of my life and I met people that are still there for me, even now that we all live in different countries. After all, it was my Erasmus, and everyone knows that it’s a never ending experience! Well, as you can understand I am quite attached to this city but hopefully I’ll do my best to stay objective while presenting the following info and suggestions to you. Believe it or not, Nijmegen is gonna amaze you, so do not miss the chance to visit it! Take a glimpse of my student life and routine there!

Nijmegen is one of the largest student cities in the Netherlands. With 40,000 national and international students, there’s always a party going on somewhere. As in the rest of the Netherlands, most people speak English. Nijmegen is an average medium-sized city, with churches, high-street shops and several hotels. But there’s more to this city than meets the eye. The many events each year, the rich gay history and culture, the green areas around the city (Nijmegen’s back garden) and the Honigcomplex all make Nijmegen the city it is today.

Go and see a concert at Doornroosje or in the Goffertpark, or simply chill out at one of the beaches on the city’s island. Take a trip around it to discover its nature and see the wild horses and cows, go for a swim or have a BBQ with the locals or the many students in Nijmegen. Afterwards, put on your sunglasses and flip-flops and visit one of Nijmegen’s many pavement cafes for food and drinks. To round off a perfect day, why not try out the nightlife? Nijmegen has a lively nightlife. Countless cosy pubs, hip bars and pubs – there is something to do for everyone until the early hours of the morning. And if you like to take a gamble, Nijmegen naturally also has an excellent casino. If you just want to have a beer and a chat, there are plenty of authentic ‘brown cafes’ or pubs. De Blaauwe Hand (behind the Hoofdwacht 3), the oldest pub in the city is definitely a must-see pub!

Explore some of my personal favorite activities and places!

Nijmegen... a time-lapse film!

...and a summer experience!

Big ups to my Erasmus family all over the world!

That's all folks!

The author

Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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