Teater Galeasen

Slupskjulsvägen 32, 11149 Stockholm, Sweden

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Theater Galeasen was founded in 1983 and is considered one of Sweden's most interesting and important groups. So far the theater has produced about 60 performances, several in close collaboration with Swedish dramatists. Galeasen is a theater group that has grown and has broader reference frameworks. What, from the outset, could be said to be a romantic project, a group where the culture of the artwork was cultivated as total self-disclosure, has been shaded over the years and developed more colors on its palette. The search began to dig into what is beyond the conformal: the dirt, the decay, the sexuality, the deviant. To seek out what many do not want to know about, the garbage, the city and death - to borrow Fassbinder's words has been and is still the theater's stated endeavor. A consistent stance to try to reach beyond a consensus with complete roles and answers has attracted a wide audience to the Galeasen, young and old from all walks of life. Our ambition is to stubbornly pursue searching, renewing our aesthetics, and producing more imaginations of the fate of being human-gladly borrowed from the reality with a brutal expression.

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