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Discover the Historic Center of Stockholm

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A glimpse of Gamla Stan

Saturday, 11am. We are in the centre of the old Stockholm, on Gamla Stan. The place is called Stortorget. At number 2 is the Nobel Museum. But today the tourists are not the only one to get stuck on those steps: kids are out! The square is a mess. Around the fountain coloured strips bond benches and chairs making a nice and wide circled lane. It’s difficult to know what’s going on but something is happening. Are we about to cheer up some runners? Are we waiting for those old-fashioned bikers that we see coming? We won’t know: we have another appointment.

Here we are, only a few minutes walk away the crowd is in front of the palace. We are waiting for the changing of the Royal Guard. Every day in July and August (sometime in September as well) at 12.15pm we can admire the straight blue uniforms executing a well-known choreography. We heart that it’s even better on Sunday: it starts one hour later and they play famous pop songs! But if you are off-season, be ready to find a banal grey and green military beret instead of the shiny spiked helmet…

That’s where we leave you. Take your time, have a coffee. Look at those Asian tourists following the guide with the big Canadian umbrella, watch the boats leaving and coming to the island.

Breathe Stockholm air.


... Practical Corner

Walking around Gamla Stan is touristy but a must do. And I love it! You can find a lot of colorful and kitsch shop as well as lovely spots... And if you want to know a bit more of specific activities or about what is going on: check this!

Gamla Stan is not the only neighbourhood in Stockholm. You want a story about SoFo? Well, let me tell you one here ;)

As everywhere in Sweden the bed linen are not included in the dormitory. Either you have yours (sleeping bags are not allowed) or you pay an extra... Think about it if you travel for a long time/small budget...

This story is inspired by my trips in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2014 & 2017.

The author

Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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