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Lisbon record shops tour

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You'd be surprised to know how many there are. For the collectionists who are looking for that rare record, the turn-table underground enthusiasts, those interested in portuguese sounds or simply lovers of music, there are options for everyone. Most of them sell mostly vinyl, but you can also find tapes or CDs, new or second-hand. No huge crowded stores here, instead you'll have to go and find these small houses, hidden all over Lisboa, some of them easy to miss if you're not attentive. A good opportunity to escape the busiest streets and maybe find something new!

This list is organized by the proeminent music style of each store, but keep in mind all of them offer more than just one type of music. Dig in!

Psychedelic, Prog, Garage Rock

These stores will give of the best selection of Psychedelic, Garage, Fuzz, Prog and Classic Rock, but you may also find a Tropiacalia record here and there, and plenty of rarities! Those who love music-related merchandising will have a treat aswell. They are located around Santa Catarina, which is worth a stroll on its own.

Hard Rock, Punk, Metal and sub-genres

These are for the lovers of heavy! Besides Hard Rock, Punk and Heavy Metal, a varied range of subgenres is represented aswell - Hardcore, Industrial, Core, etc. You will also find a heavy dose of memorabilia and merch, related to the mighty guitar solo and all-things leather. They sit around the center of Lisboa, an opportunity to check out the city's surroundings.

Electronic, Experimental, Dance music

Currently there is one dedicated Electronic, House and Techno record store in the area of Lisboa. The underground scene lives from the proximity of artists and fans, and that's what the store aims at. You can try the records that grabbed your attention instore, and you are garanteed to find the beat to make you dance!


Want to discover more about the music that is synonymous with portuguese tradition and 'saudade'? These are the spots to check out. Both stores have some particularity that makes them hard to go unnoticed. Along with the classic Fado records and singers, like the great Amália Rodrigues, there are other portuguese records available aswell.

A mix of everything

All of these stores offer records from a wide range of genres, from Rock, Heavy to Dance, Electronic and Jazz or World music. They are well scattered around the entire city. If you are looking for nothing in particular and want to pass a good time browsing through dozens, hundreds of records, rarities and merch, look no further!

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The author

Vasco Casula

Vasco Casula

I am Vasco and I come from Portugal. Alongside playing guitar and working on animation films, I like to discover and let you discover places, such as Portugal!

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