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Innsbruck – Three Times Olympic Host

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Not so many cities in the world have hosted the Olympic Games multiple times, but Innsbruck, along with London, is the only city that have hosted the Olympic Games for three times.

First time the Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck in 1964. These Olympic Games 1964 were the first games where the Olympic events were spread around geographically; this resulted in 1 million spectators for the first time in history. Additionally, computers were the first time used at an Olympics.

The second time in 1976 Winter Olympics were organised in Innsbruck, after the citizens of Denver decided on the referendum against hosting the Olympic Games, due to environmental concerns. On the short notice International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded Innsbruck with an organisation of the games, because they were sure that it can be done successful.

The last Olympic Games that were held in Innsbruck just 6 years ago in 2012 were Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG). YOG are games organised by IOC with the goal of promoting sport among young people, because of the rise in concern over growing global childhood obesity and the dropping participation of youth in sport activities. The participants of YOG are the athletes from 14 to 18 years old. The organisation of first winter version of these games was awarded to Tyrol’s capital and it was great success.


Innsbruck almost became the only city in the history that has hosted the Olympic Games for four times, however on the provincial referendum held in October 2017 in Tyrol the voters decided with 53 % majority against the planned candidacy for hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Today, the two cauldrons of the Olympic flame at the Bergisel-Schanze ski jump remind us of the rich Olympic history of Innsbruck. All of the sport venues and ski areas connected to the Olympic history of the city can be reached easily from the city centre with the use of public transportation or free ski bus in the winter.

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Ogi Savic

Ogi Savic

I am Ogi. A journalist and economist, I live in Vienna and I am passionate about skiing, traveling, good food and drinks. I write about all these aspects (and more) of beautiful Austria.

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