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Cabo da Roca, the end of the world!

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While visiting Porto, as mentioned previously, a main must-do one day excursion that shouldn’t be missing from your list is of course a visit to Sintra. Sintra with its cobbled path little streets, its vast greenery landscape and of course its majestic and impressive castles and palaces, is a place definitely worth paying a visit. However, if you fancy exploring a bit more the natural beauty of the surrounding areas, I guess I have an extra daytrip suggestion that you’ll probably find interesting.

Sintra, Portugal

What would you say if I told you that only a few kilometres far from Sintra there’s a breathtaking wild and rugged place where you could probably enjoy Atlantic’s most awesome views!? Sounds interesting right?

Cabo da Roca is a beautiful cliff, emerging 140 meters above Atlantic; It is said to be the most westerly point of mainland Europe. It is located about 18 km far from Sintra & about 40 km from Lisbon while it is surrounded by small fishing villages hidden among the forests of Sintra.

Cabo da Roca
Cabo da Roca
Estrada do Cabo da Roca s/n, 2705-001 Colares, Portugal
The windswept cliffs of Cabo de Roca were believed to be the edge of the world up until the up until the late 14th century and the spectacular, desolate scenery adds to the allure of the location. The raging Atlantic Ocean waves pound the base of the massive jagged cliffs while challenging hiking trails follow the coastal paths.

Portugal's oldest lighthouse

In Cabo da Roca you can also find Portugal’s oldest lighthouse inaugurated in 1772, as well as a souvenir shop , where if you’re into weird or let’s say unique souvenirs, you can buy a certificate that accredits your passage from the westernmost point of the continent that was formerly considered to be the end of the known world.

At the same time, there is also a cafe-restaurant where you can relax for a while and have a drink (in my opinion though, it was quite expensive).

While visiting Cabo da Roca make sure you bring some of your warmest clothes cause indeed the wind over there is extremely strong, even in summer!

How to get there:

If you’re hoping to get there by public transportation then the bus 403 (Cascais Line - Sintra) is the one you should look for. This bus departs from the Cascais terminal. It takes 20 minutes to get to Cabo da Roca and 35 minutes to get to Sintra’s main station. Before entering the bus make sure it stops to Cabo da Roca since a lot of them are directing straight to Sintra!

Of course the easiest and most convenient method of transport is by rental car… But if you're interested in a hiking adventure along the gorgeous cliffs and enjoy the beautiful views of Sintra, you can get this guided hiking trip to Cabo da Roca with locals that will accompany you along the wonderful path.

At the same time and while leaving this stunning place, you can plan your trip ahead and discover some of the most impressive Cascais beaches located nearby!

Parque natural de Sintra-Cascais
Parque natural de Sintra-Cascais
R. António Rodrigues Pimenta 52, 2705-207 Colares, Portugal

Enjoy your trip and make sure you take a lot of pictures!

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Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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