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A four-day muddy craziness in Somogybabod

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Have you ever fantasized about not caring about what to wear, and whether those clothes get dirty or not, about spending a few days in a way where nothing really matters? If you have so, and if you are after some really adventurous and adrenalin boosted experience filled with a countless amount of gasoline, the International Off-road Festival of Somogybabod in Hungary is exactly for you. This four-day muddy craziness counts as the biggest such festival in Europe, so it’s not even surprising that this small municipality with only 500 inhabitants welcomes almost 1200 vehicles and more than 20000 participants, who take part in the event year by year. It sounds cool, doesn’t it?

You also have an off-road beast? Show it!

The International Off-Road Festival of Somogybabod isn't only for the professionals. The essence of the event is that, if you also have an off-road beast, you are able to bring here and show it to the audience and fellow lovers of this kind of stress relieving. You can bring the quads, buggies, pickups and any kind of all-terrain vehicles actually. The only and understandable condition to do so is to get permission for using the terrain, which costs 30000 HUF (90 EUR). During the four days of the event, such competitions are held like the trials, quad races, wall climbing, off rodeos, night contests, mud drag races, truck pull, etc. I consider it important to note that the organizers of the festival take care of the highest possible safety of all the participants. So, for instance, wearing a helmet is compulsory for every driver and competitor. In exchange, valuable presents and trophies are handed over to the winners of each race.

Where can I find it?

Well, if you have already decided to check out this amazing event yourself, the main direction to take is Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s biggest lake. By its shore, you have endless opportunities to spend your spare time, just like Balaton Sound Music Festival; Siófok, the Hungarian Ibiza or Tihanyi Levander Festival, but our off-road experience is not being exactly by the water. This racetrack of rough terrain can be found 15 km from the middle of Lake Balaton’s southern coast. The next event will take place between July 7-10, 2019. If you are fond of fishing and you would take into consideration a less beastlike activity after visiting Somogybabod, the Lake Deseda, the fishing paradise of South West Hungary, is also only a further 40-km trip.

International Off-road Festival
International Off-road Festival
Somogybabod, Unnamed Road, 8683 Magyarország

All in all, this four-day muddy craziness in Somogybabod will definitely leave you in amazement, and your clothes in thick dirt. Don’t be afraid though: your wardrobe can be renewed, as well as your soul, and the International Off-road Festival provides you exactly the latter one.

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The author

Vivi Bencze

Vivi Bencze

Hello, my name is Vivi and I'm from Hungary, always excited to explore as many places as I can. I live in Budapest and my motivation is to make you explore Hungary the way I see my country.

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