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Velika Planina - a hiking paradise in the heart of nature

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One of the places that represents Slovenia best and where you can feel the country’s true soul is located not very far from Ljubljana, the green capital that you will fall in love with. I am talking about a mountain plateau called Velika Planina or in English the Big Pasture Plateau. It is one of the many hiking paradises in Slovenia for those who like to spend their vacations actively and in the heart of nature.

Velika Planina plateau is the largest shepherds’ settlement in Europe.

The history of Velika Planina goes back to the medieval times, before the tourism as we know it was discovered, and when the area was primarily used for pasturing. Nowadays, the plateau is covered by beautiful and cosy wooden shepherd’s huts, which are renovated and modernised, and where you can spend your nights when visiting. A very common sight, when hiking along the Velika Planina, are the friendly cows you will see walking around everywhere and making you feel welcome.

A ride with a view

The Velika Planina is located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps (Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe) and is a perfect place for a relaxing summer vacation away from the big city crowds and stressful modern-day life. You can get there by a cable car, which is located in Kamniška Bistrica and then continue your way by foot for approximately 30 minutes or take a chairlift to the top. Either way, you will enjoy the beautiful views and the sounds of nature.

Velika Planina cable car
Velika Planina cable car
Žičnica Velika planina, 1242 Stahovica, Slovenia

Something for everyone

There are many ways how you can actively spend your vacations when visiting the Velika Planina. One of the previously mentioned and the most common one is hiking. There are various marked hiking paths in the area for those who like very active and long hikes, as well as for those who wish to have a short, relaxing walk. You can also visit Velika Planina as a part of this best natural landmarks guided hike tour.

For all the cycling enthusiasts, the mountain biking is available along many trails of different lengths and difficulty. You can get all the information and maps of the trails at the cash box at the entry station of the cable car.

One of the things you shouldn’t miss is the unique herdsmen’s settlement, which symbolizes the Velika Planina perfectly. You can enrich your experience by trying fresh milk and various homemade dairy products or local traditional meals.

While walking around in the heart of nature on the Velika Planina and breathing the fresh air, you will experience many magnificent views, especially if you decide to ascend to the mountains nearby. You should definitely visit this hiking paradise where everyone can find something fun to do, and get the feel of the shepherd’s life.

Velika Planina, Slovenia
Velika Planina, Slovenia
8M28+2M Stahovica, Slovenia

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I’m Darja, from Slovenia, always excited to meet new people, try out new things, especially sports and baking sweets... as well as share with you about my country.

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