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Spirit Youth Week in Prato

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Discovering Prato

"The noise of a weaving will make you narrow your eyes and smile, as when it runs as it snowed. The weave of weaving never stops, and is the oldest song in our town, and for children is a lullaby" (Edoardo Nesi - My people’s history)

Prato is located in the heart of Tuscany, close to the most famous art cities in the world: Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena. It is the second largest city in Tuscany, the third largest in Central Italy, by number of inhabitants. The city is rooted in its art and nature, though its economic development in the textile sector, whose history is based largely on the province's economy; a story still alive and around which Prato has grown up, has built up its wealth, has developed the values ​​of welcoming and confronting different cultures. It is a very varied territory, able to offer remarkable historical and artistic attractions, through an itinerary to discover the treasures of the Etruscan age, passing through the Middle Ages, reaches up to contemporary times. The province of Prato is a real discovery. Nobody expects that a province, known in the world mainly because of the most important textile districts, also houses such precious treasures where the tradition of good foods and ancient memories merges with great dynamism to everything that is new, modern and young. During the Spirit Youth Week in Prato you will be able to visit contemporary workshops of artists, curators, photographers, musicians and performers who want to elaborate a new concept of industrial conversion into the industrial archeology sites of the 1800's and 900's in Tuscany. You will explore contemporary art at the Pecci Museum and its estonishing exhibitions, you will go deeper in its medieval roots through a fantastic trip in historical legends... and much more

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Spirit Youth

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