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On the wine paths of Italy: Aosta

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We all know, "In vino veritas", and this is probably the best excuse for drinking wine, ever. The following sublimated research might be an even better one. Wine is an alcoholic beverage, or simply a magical play between yeast and the fruit' sugar. 

About the first wine

It is believed that the first wine was produced 5-6 millenniums ago, somewhere where Georgia is placed today. That's right! Wine is not something one can make, but a process; it is something that you simply have to wait for it to happen. And yes, It was so good that we are still talking about it. Right after the first one, there are traces of another wine production appearing in the Sicily region. Wine, the red one specifically, is often used in many religious rituals, and this might be a reason why it got so popular in Italy- keeping in mind that it is the country of the Catholic church. Of course, this is just a speculation; however, the existence of over 300 unique vine grapes in Italy is a legit ground to explore this country, with a "wine point of view". 

The wine in North-West Italy

Let's start with the Italian part that borders with France. Hmm, I wonder what kind of wine do they have there? The best one according to many! There are four regions in this part of Italy (Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta), so I will try to present the whole process through one region, the smallest one. 

Wine from the valley. Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Fabio Ingrosso
Wine from the valley. Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Fabio Ingrosso

Valle d'Aosta

Just by mentioning the region "Aosta Valley",  the ski slopes of Cervinia, Courmayeur, and Pila- famous all over Europe and ideal destinations for anyone who loves skiing, trekking, snowboarding, and ice skating- instantly come to mind! 

Lying between two rivers and surrounded by majestic mountains, the city of Aosta is a collection of history and added charming traditions. If you are a history enthusiast, this small bilingual place should be something not to be missed while traveling. The city was formed by the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus. The plan of the streets is kept like it was in the antique times, maintaining the atmosphere of a Roman "castrum". The Agustin triumph arc is one of the oldest ones of this type. 

You will discover that, from the time of the Romans, the vineyard has been the daughter of the mountain

 And then, there is "The Association Route des Vins Vallée d'Aoste" that can be consulted to plan such a trip through this region- but this time in a more organised way. They are offering wine trips that allow you to pass and explore many significant vineyards, such as Enfer, Mont Torretta, Les Cretes. Along the tour, you can of course try a variety of delicious wines, such as the  Cornalin, Enfer d'Arvier, Chardonnay, Müller...

If you get the opportunity to taste an Aosta wine, consider yourself lucky.

This region is the smallest in production in Italy. It is however important to highlight the fact that over 90% of made wine never leaves the region! Shortly, you will have to hit the road to try this wine... and, as you can imagine,  it's totally worth it.

The author

Zlata Golaboska

Zlata Golaboska

I am Zlata and I am an architect living in the Balkans. I am passionate about cities, how people influence architecture and vice versa, and how places change our lives.

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