De Zoete Inval

haarlemmerstraatweg 183, 2065 AE Haarlemmerliede

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Since 1930, The Sweet Invasion has been known for its entertainment and in 1961 this was expanded with professional catering facilities. Today, The Sweet Invasion is a concept in Haarlem and surrounding areas: A full-service party center including 57 rooms! The Sweet Invasion is new, but not without history In 1930, The Sweet Invasion began as a playground at Halfweg. In her existence, many thousands of children visited this playground. Due to the construction of the Rottepolderplein, The Sweet Invasion had to move in 1961. The Sweet Invasion was moved to Haarlemmerliede. A modest cafe with a party hall was also built. Since then, The Sweet Invasion has grown into a full-fledged party center. The Sweet Invasion has everything in your house On our website you will find further information about what we can offer you. For example, you can read that we offer excellent accommodation for overnight stays as well as parties, receptions, dinners, meetings, weddings, bowling, solextour and outdoor activities. The management and staff of The Sweet Invasion are waiting for you every day and welcome you.

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