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Floating island of Batabat Lake – Nakhchivan tour part 2

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As a continuation of our Nakhchivan tour, the next destination is Batabat Lake after the Ashabi-kahf cave. It is a beautiful mountain lake located in the mountains of Shahbuz district, 2500 meters above the sea level.

A combination of view of mountains and meadow with tall green grasses and colorful flowers creates a marvelous tableau. The lake is also famous for its pure water that has a crystal view and reflects the tableau of the beauty around as a mirror.

Another interesting fact about Batabat Lake is a floating island. It is a small 16 ha peaty island floats on the surface of the lake. The reason behind the float of the island is made of just peat and grass. That’s why it does not have any linkage to the ground, and it made the island to float.

The lake area is rural, and people do not stay overnight around the lake because the area is home to wild animals. Therefore, you should plan a small tour of few hours to Batabat Lake.

At the end, if you have a little more time in Nakhchivan, I would recommend you to visit Momina Khatun mausoleum – one of the historical heritage of 12th century. The mausoleum is a 25 meters high, decagonal tower, which was made of brick. The structure and the ornaments on the walls describe an architectural culture of the country in medieval ages.

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I am Nilufar, from Azerbaijan, and I would love to be inspiring to travelers who wish to discover my country and to live an extra-ordinary experience.

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