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Culture Past Eight: 5 Late Night Museums in Berlin

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For night owls and travellers, get your dose of culture past eight with a Berlin museum night. Perfect for rainy days, winter time and summer evenings. Discover a selection of Berlin Museums open 'til almost midnight.

The Jewish Museum Berlin: Holocaust History

The Jewish and Holocaust History Museum is the most important museum in Berlin. It is also one of the outstanding institutions in the European museum landscape. the Jewish Museum Berlin has a brilliant architecture, both inside and out, and offers a strong point of view and interactive experience. It shows German-Jewish history and culture, during the Nazi times and beyond. It combines research, discussion and exchange of ideas, a museum for all: young and old, Germans and non-Germans, Jews and non-Jews. Take your time to visit once (or twice). A visit of the museum and the parc takes about 2-3 hours.

Opening hours: Monday 10am - 10pm, Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 8pm. Tip: start the visit from the second floor and work your way to the bottom.

The DDR Museum

History to be touched. The DDR Museum is located on the waterfront promenade under the Karl Liebknecht Bridge, opposite the Berlin Cathedral. It's an interactive exhibition, staging the DDR economy, school, youth culture and leisure. Everyday objects and documents can be touched in drawers and cupboards that can be opened.

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm, Sat 10am - 10pm, Sun 10am - 20pm.

© Photo credit: Andreas Kelm

Mauermuseum: Museum Haus at Check-Point Charlie

The legendary Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous crossing between West and East Berlin. Here, in October 1961, American and Soviet tanks faced each other, numerous escapes arrived, others failed shortly before the white border. The Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie documents the events in this place, the history of the divided city and the construction of the Berlin Wall and the worldwide, non-violent struggle for human rights. The museum consists of mostly texts and photographs, some original documents and objets.

Open Monday to Sunday 9am - 10pm. Visit takes +/- 1 hour.

© Photo credit: R.K Moore

Ramones Museum Berlin (yes, the New York music band!)

The Ramones is a music band from New York, often referred to as "the first punk band in music history". For all real fans of The Ramones, the museum is a must. The museum's Initiator is music journalist Flo Hayler. He saw the Ramones live for the first time in 1990, then spent a lot of time with the members and began collecting everything that had to do with the band.

Open Monday to Sunday 9am - 10pm. Visit takes +/- 1 hour. Also has a Coffee Place and Fan Shop.

© Photo credit: Rodovre Jedi

Brandenburger Gate & Berlin’s Victory Column

Arn't some landmarks just more beautiful during the night? No closing time to admire the Brandenburger Gate and Berlin's Victory Column.

Seasonal Event: Museum Night museum

Every year in August, museums and institutions museums in Berlin open their doors and welcome visitors to the Long Night of Museums. That's about 80 museums, for 800 events and 30,000 visitors. One ticket for all. That's one hell of a way to experience the city in a new way.

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