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A ski slope made of plastic – Wunderwiese

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The name of ski area Wunderwiese translated from German means 'a meadow of wonders', and it is an appropriate name for it. Why? This ski area has 5,000 m² of artificial ski slope made of plastic, which makes it unique and allows its visitors to enjoy skiing all year round. One more way to fight global warming.

Plastic fantastic!

On a plastic mat slope, you can ski, snowboard and sled. With this innovation, the Wunderwiese ski area is weather independent.  Many ski resorts have difficulties to stay profitable because there is a lack of snow on the slopes. Some of them are closed for good. Therefore, ski resorts are trying to be creative in order to overcome the problem of the sinking trend of the "snow days".  Forsteralm Ski Resort was saved by a crowdfunding campaign, where people and companies have co-financed the snow-making system. The slope made of plastic is Wunderwiese’s answer to this problem, and it works.

Ski Area

The ski area Wunderwiese is located in the Austrian federal state of Lower Austria, on the slopes of the mountain Schneeberg. This is the highest mountain of Lower Austria, and the most eastern, over 2000 m high mountain. The ski resort is just one hour away or 80 kilometres from Vienna, and it is very convenient for Viennese to visit it for a day trip. Wunderwiese Ski Resort is a rather small area with only 5 kilometres of slopes and one chair lift. The main advantage of this ski resort, which is orientated to adventure and fun, is an artificial slope. Besides, they offer 130 m long tyre slide, Fun Park, and Kinderland, that is meant for kids to learn how to ski. This small ski area is offering niche products for its visitors because it is not able to compete with the large ski resorts in a conventional way.

The resort`s gastronomy offer is big enough. Both on the mountain and in the valley, you can take a break in comfortable mountain chalets and restaurants. High on the mountain, there are two restaurants with a beautiful view of the entire area of Schneeberg.

The area of Schneeberg is one of favourite day trip locations for Viennese, not only in winter but in summer as well. The ski area Wunderwiese with its slope made of plastic is just one more reason to visit this area, where you can enjoy skiing all year round.

The author

Ogi Savic

Ogi Savic

I am Ogi. A journalist and economist, I live in Vienna and I am passionate about skiing, traveling, good food and drinks. I write about all these aspects (and more) of beautiful Austria.

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