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A day in series: Mönchengladbach!

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Mostly known with its football team Borussia Mönchengladbach, this lovely city is located in the west of the Rhine, very close to the Dutch border. With its excellent location, Mönchengladbach is a stop if you are near Düsseldorf, Cologne or even the Netherlands! Here is a small city with a population of a quarter a million. If you compare to the other neighbor cities in the Ruhr area, Mönchengladbach is not that impressive but still has places that will worth a visit. In my experience, you don't have to stay here more than a day if you want to explore this cute city. So if you have a spare time and around Ruhr area, here is your guide for Mönchengladbach!

If you are interested in contemporary arts, Abteiberg Museum is worth to visit. This museum, first of all, famous for its avant-garde exhibits and its post-modern building designed by Hans Hollein! Inside this museum, you will find masterpieces from famous artists like Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and many more. You can explore this museum between 10.00- 18.00. I have to warn you that it is closed on Monday's like every other museum. It costs 6 Euros but if you are a student then it is 3 Euros. Definitely recommended!

The second stop should be lovely Rheydt Castle! This Renaissance palace hosted famous families like Bylandt-Rheydt dynasty that ruled over Rheydt for over 300 years and other noble families over the years. This gorgeous castle was built in 1060 (no kidding) and its design has evolved throughout the years. This history-rich palace fell into disrepair until the town of Rheydt purchased the castle from its previous owner in 1917. Afterward, Rheydt Castle was undergone many restorations and converted into a museum! It even awarded European Museum of the Year Award by the European Museum Forum in 1978. If you are in luck, you can get to see the medieval festivals that take place here! After checking inside, you can rest in its beautiful garden. It is definitely worth to check out.

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The author

Alara Benlier

Alara Benlier

My name is Alara Benlier, I am Turkish but currently living in Germany! I share my experiences in Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands!

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