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A day in series: Hagen!

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Located in the North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, Hagen is an important city in the Ruhr area. Just 15 km away from Dortmund, Hagen seems like a dull city before you get to see it! This cute city is where the Lenne and Volme rivers meet and have an important role in its industry even before the 15th century! The city's history dated way back to c.1200! But the city got its today's shape in the 19th century the mining of coal and the production of steel in the Ruhr Area. During the World War II, the city was bombed heavily. That's why it is hard to find any historical places but trust me, the city compensates with lots of other things! If you are wondering what you can do after visiting Dortmund, here is your guide for Hagen!

Osthaus Museum is an art museum which hosts Karl Ernst Osthaus' art collection! Its interior was designed by famous Henry van de Velde. Not only Osthaus, inside of this museum you will also see paintings by Christian Rohlfs, the most important collection of paintings by Emil Schumacher and many more. If you are into avant-garde art and architecture, you should check out this museum.

Hagen Open-air Museum or in German "LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen – Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Handwerk und Technik" located in the Hagen neighborhood of Selbecke south of Eilpe in the Mäckingerbach valley. In here you can find lots of half-timbered houses as well as crafts and trades workshop! This open-air museum offers you to gain skills in ropemaking, smithing, brewing, baking, tanning, printing, milling, papermaking and many more! If you are visiting here between March or April until October, you have to visit this museum!

Blätterhöhle cave is a place where the oldest fossils of modern people in Westphalia and the Ruhr were found. Some fossils date back 10,700 years B.C! The skeletons that have found here state that indigenous hunter-gatherers lived alongside farmers who migrated to Central Europe from the Near East! This cave was discovered in 2014 by archaeologists who excavated more than 450 skeletal fragments. Hagen is definitely "Cradle of Mankind" of Germany!

And lastly, Werdringen Castle! This haunted castle surrounded by water was built in the XIII century and was owned by the local feudal lords! It has a Neo-Gothic style and it has been used as a hotel in the middle of the XIX century! In here you can see remains of ancient insects that lived in these places 318 million years ago! Pretty cool huh :D. If that is not enough, you can also check out the swords of the Bronze Age found at the foot of Mount Kaisberg too!

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The author

Alara Benlier

Alara Benlier

My name is Alara Benlier, I am Turkish but currently living in Germany! I share my experiences in Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands!

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