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Natural Swedish beauty called Tyresta national park

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Would you like to see the greatest untouched part of the Swedish forest outside of the mountainous realm? Probably the finest forest in Europe is here because it has attained a great age by not being bothered ecologically speaking (19.7 km2 of untouched nature). The place is called Tyresta and is a national park of Sweden not very far from Stockholm (20 km to be exact). This natural Swedish beauty called Tyresta national park is full of animals, excited Swedish people, and proper nature.

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Tyresta national park
Tyresta national park
59H3+P6 Vissvass, Sweden

All natural

I go here and I see no fake trees, everything is natural, no plastic, everything is uncontaminated and at the same time interesting. Sometimes you need to do some operations on your forest to make it nicer and more appealing, like the trees you find in big cities like Belgrade and Barcelona. Sensing Belgrade and Must-sees in Barcelona is a source on that. In this nature park, there's no need any operation to make it look nice. Because of the ecological and undisturbed features of this park, it is arguably a ''climax community'', which means that over the years it has entered a ''steady vegetative state''.

Naturum national park house
Naturum national park house
Tyresta by 1, 136 59 Vendelsö, Sweden
Stockholm is not a city which is bothering you with metropolitanism and skyscrapers like Tokyo, New York, and Hong Kong. Still, it's a city, and for this reason, you can come to Tyresta to relax a bit with some long perspective views to help sort out your natural self.

Christmas trees

I found a lot of Pine trees in this park, which are the ones we use for Christmas trees. The pine trees are native and nature-made unlike the Norwegian project of the King of Norway to manually fill the forests of Norway with the tree species. Norway is not terrible at all, it's just a little issue when the project was cut off and the forest also looked cut off.

Tyresta Lanthandel och Bed&Breakfast
Tyresta Lanthandel och Bed&Breakfast
Janssongården, Tyresta, 136 59 Vendelsö, Stockholms Län, Sweden

Top 4 animals to spot

The most interesting animals you might find is

4. The Roe deer

3. The Fox

2. The Bat

1. The Mountain bunny

Honourable animals

Honourable mentions for astounding creatures are the Squirrel, moose, weasel, ermine, and different kinds of birds which include the Woodpecker. The birds are quite prominent and normal and I see a lot of them which make them less special and rare. Kind of like getting a Charizard pokemon card and then you see the whole pack is filled with Charizards which makes it less unique. They said there are around 120 species of birds around. Another analogy is overprinting money to reduce the value. The birds are a very good background tune, however. You don't need your songs or podcasts. The birds sing like in the Disney movies. One well-known sound by the waterside is from the Black-throated blue warbler.

The author

Kai Bonsaksen

Kai Bonsaksen

I'm Kai from Norway. I always follow that little voice in my head that tells me to go and explore new places … and on itinari, I talk about the ones I know the best!

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