Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien

Universitätsring 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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### Discover the Rich History of Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien in Vienna Located in the basement of Café Landtmann, Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien is the oldest small stage in Vienna, with a history dating back to 1953. Over the years, this theater has served as a springboard for many talented actors, directors, stage designers, and writers, propelling them towards significant careers in the performing arts industry. ### A Living, Contemporary Theater Experience Under the direction of Karlheinz Wukov since 2002, Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien has embraced its role as a living, contemporary theater. Rather than competing with the grand stages of Vienna, it offers a refreshing alternative, constantly seeking new discoveries and world premieres. ### An Eclectic Program for All Tastes One of the highlights of Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien is its diverse program, catering to a wide range of interests. From humorous and thought-provoking performances to uplifting operettas and Viennese songs, there is something for everyone to enjoy. ### Unforgettable Performances The theater showcases a variety of captivating performances throughout the year. For those who appreciate the charm of Viennese operettas and songs, "Wiener SchmähtandeLeien" is a must-see. Featuring Elisabeth Schwarz and Michael C. Havlicek, accompanied by pianist István Bonyhádi, this performance promises an evening filled with humor, reflection, and the joy of Viennese music. ### Exploring the World of Trains If you have a fascination for trains, "Da fährt die Eisenbahn drüber" is an evening dedicated to the world of railways. Led by Karlheinz Wukov, this performance takes you on a journey through the history and allure of trains. Accompanied by pianist Axel Zwingenberger, this unique experience is sure to captivate train enthusiasts and history buffs alike. ### Kurt Weill's Musical Legacy For fans of Kurt Weill's music, "Weill... Frauen nun mal so sind?" is a concert not to be missed. Ulrike Hallas and Jil Clesse, accompanied by pianist Ronald Sedlaczek, bring to life the timeless melodies of Kurt Weill, showcasing his talent for capturing the essence of women through his compositions. ### Interactive Musical Experience Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien also offers an interactive experience with "Sie wünschen, wir spielen!" Here, the audience becomes part of the performance, as their musical wishes are drawn from a hat. With Susanne Marik on stage and pianist Béla Fischer accompanying, this unique concept ensures an evening filled with surprises and personalized musical enjoyment. ### When to Visit Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien hosts performances throughout the year, so you can plan your visit based on your preferred program. Whether you're visiting Vienna during the holiday season or exploring the city in the warmer months, there is always something exciting happening at this vibrant theater. ### Conclusion Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien in Vienna offers a rich cultural experience, combining history, contemporary performances, and a diverse program that caters to various interests. From operettas and Viennese songs to interactive shows and concerts, this theater provides a unique and memorable experience for both locals and visitors alike. Make sure to check their program and plan your visit to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Theater Die Neue Tribüne Wien.

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