Studio Buffo - najlepszy teatr muzyczny w stolicy

Konopnickiej 6, 00-491 Warsaw, Poland

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Musical theater in Warsaw (acting as Buffo theater) since 1956. In 1992 Janusz Stokłosa (composer) and Janusz Józefowicz (director and choreographer) set up STUDIO BUFFO sp. Z o.o. This was a consequence of the great success of the musical "METRO", which from the day of the premiere took advantage of foreign scenes and over which threatened to solve. Own theater was to protect this undertaking. STUDIO BUFFO was the first premiere of the show "To play cupboard grosik" with Edyta Górniak, Katarzyna Groniec, Barbara Melzer, Robert Janowski, Michał Milowicz and Krzysztof Materna and Wojciech Mann. BUFFFO has performed all the major Polish artists, including Loda Halama, Adolf Dymsza, Ludwik Sempoliński, Tadeusz Olsza, Hanna Skarżanka, Mira Zimińska, Stefania Grodzieńska, Lidia Wysocka, Hanna Bielicka, Irena Kwiatkowska, Mieczysław Fogg, Bogumił Kobiela, Jerzy Wojciech Pokora, Jan Kobuszewski, Gustaw Holoubek, Rena Rolska, Anna German, Czeslaw Niemen, Krystyna Sienkiewicz, Wojciech Młynarski, etc. In 1992 a STUDIO BUFFO sp. Z o. o. o. is established. It is composed by two artists: Janusz Stokłosa - composer (president), Janusz Józefowicz - director and choreographer (artistic director). They decided to set up an independent theater to save in part the spectacular success of the METRO musical band, which has been using the strangest scenes from the day of the release, and which has been threatened with dissolution. The first premiere of the duo J. Józefowicz and J. Stokłosa, which they performed on the boards of the STUDIO BUFFO was the hit "DO GRAJĄCE CABY GROSIK WRZUĆ" from E. Górniak, K. Groniec, B. Melzer, R. Janowski, M. Milowicz and K. Materna and W. Mann. Acting on market principles, without any subsidies or public subsidies, it was possible to create a unique theater of Polish song. In addition to his own performances, he also presents important artistic events in the field of drama, musical theater, songs as well as jazz, cabaret and stage performances. In total, over 2700 performances and concerts have been played since 1992, which has seen nearly one million viewers. There were, among others, E. Błaszczyk, E. Geppert, A. M. Jopek, Sławomir Przybylska, D. Stalińska, M. Umer, V. Villas, G. Wolszczak, M. Bajor, M. Czajka, J. Frycz, J. Gajos, M. Grabowski, A. Grabowski, E. Kamiński, Kowalski, B. Linda, O. Lubaszenko, W. Malicki, J. Olejniczak ,, M. Opania ,. C. Pazura, J. Peszek, R. Rynkowski ,. M. Stuhr, Sz. Szurmiej, S.Tym, W. Zborowski, Teatr Montownia and numerous collections of the best musicians and cabaret artists in Poland. Next to Studio Buffo is the Art Studio "Metro" which educates talented children and young people in the field of musical theater. Neighborhood of professional recording studios allows you to record not only musical projects, but also multimedia forms that host on the stage of the theater. Spectators of the theater after and before the show will gladly entertain the Studio Buffo Restaurant. Studio Buffo Studio ul. M. Konopnickiej 6 Cash advance: Monday to Friday in the hour. 10:00 - 18:00, on Saturdays until 16:00, on Sundays (only on the day of the performance) from 11:00. Every day, when performances are performed, the cash register is open until the show begins. tel: 22 625 47 09, 22 339 07 71, fax: 22 622 92 93 tel: 663 91 00 91 Our account number: Bank Handlowy in Warsaw 77 1030 1582 0000 0008 0070 6009 - booking and selling tickets online ATM ul. Poznan 2/4 - possibility to buy tickets

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