Śródmiejski Teatr Muzyczny

Łazienkowska 7, 00-449 Warsaw, Poland

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THE MUSICAL MUSIC THEATER YOUTH HOUSE OF CULTURE IM. ON. Broniewskiego IN WARSAW present the spectacle "WE ARE ON THE ROOF DOING THE LOVE OF LOVE" performance of an actress song "We were on the roof, I think love ..." is a one-man adventure with a Polish song of the 20s and 30s complemented by songs closer to the present time skilfully composed into a whole. A play is a story without a plot, it is heartless love, it is heart without feeling, it is unspeakable. The theme of love given on a silver tray, prepared with all the spice that can be drawn from this. An intimate picture of the human psyche of a man in love. Lovers in all possible ways. It's love for another person, love to live, love to each other ... love to exaggerate! Unforgettable hits by Petersburski, Warsa, Hemara to texts Szlechtera, Hemara or Osiecka, directed by Antony Dietzus, in new, intimate arrangements by Martin Riege. Completed with the camera of Jan Trzaska, with the choreography of Marta and Anna Gwarek. All performed by a fifteen-person team of the City Theater of the City. "Love? Thank you, I will! " Dear Sir or Madam, We meet for the third time on the occasion of the newest premiere of the City Theater of the City. This is the final of the third season, which this year falls on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Youth Cultural House im. W. Broniewski, our "mother's institution". As part of the jubilee, we created something unique, fitting in with the atmosphere of the celebration. I went for a while from a classical musical to create a performance song, the quintessence of the actress scene, thus presenting a new dimension to our theater. We are still fascinated by Fogg, Petersburski, Ordonów, texts by Hemar, Wars or Osiecka. We still appreciate the joke and the charming prism of Old Men looking at us through the TV screen. I decided to bring musical heroes to the past and confront them again with today's audience. This is an hour-long adventure with a Polish song in a new dimension in which black and white cinema ghosts come out of the screen playing the lead theme of love in the darkest, patinated and dusty way. I wish an unpleasant trip, a bit of distaste, a sense of fear and a small dose of horror that is of great importance in the space of an old, abandoned cinema. See you "in a small cinema!" Antoniusz Dietzius direction PS: For a musical year, a world title, our performance. I promise!

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