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Festivals in Germany!

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It is always a great idea to visit Germany! Nature, food, all the historical places and of course getting to know the German culture are always fascinating. And also it doesn't matter in which season you are visiting this beautiful country since there is a festival in every month of the year! If you want to check the top festivals in Germany, here is your list!

Festivals in Winter

The winter starts with Christmas for me! And I have to admit Christmas is always magical in Germany. It doesn't matter in which city you are in because all of them set up for Christmas markets in December! You can always enjoy a great Glühwein, buy wooden toys and eat chestnuts to get warm in the very cold weather! The big Christmas markets are in Berlin, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich and of course Heidelberg (heart eyes)!

After Christmas, you can enjoy the World's second biggest film festival in Berlin in February! In this movie festival, you can enjoy every type of movie; international movies, independent movies, German movies and so much more! There is also another video-art festivals from mid-February till April in Bonn! In this festival, you can get to see stars and young artists!

If you want to let loose and party like a German, Karneval is just the right festival for you! You can get to enjoy costume balls and fun parades at this festival on mid-February till March in many cities in Germany!

Festivals in Spring

If you like books, you have to attend Europe's biggest festival of literature in Leipzig! This great book festival held at the end of the March every year. At the beginning of the April, you can attend the Bavarian Ballet week in Munich! If you are more into Baroque music, you have to attend the Thuringia Bach Festival starting from April till May! If you want to enjoy a firework show while eating the best food and drink in a boat, you have to attend the Rhine in Flames festival starting from May till September in Bonn! There are also lots of concert, fairgrounds and fun activities in the ashore.

Festivals in Summer

Summer is a great time to have outdoor concerts! And if you like Rock music, you will enjoy Rock im Park Rock festival in Nuremberg. You can find lots of different genres of music groups and enjoy every second of it with 160,000 other people in June! But if you are more like an opera lover, then Munich Opera Festival (Opernfestspiele) is the right one for you from mid-June till the end of July!

Festivals in Fall

Fall means Oktoberfest time! It's a great festival to devour the best Bavarian food and beer for 15 days starting from September till the first week of October. If you want to have a better inside, check out my blog about just Oktoberfest on itinari! If you want listen to a great orchestra, join the grand German music festival Beethovenfest in Bonn in September! And of course, for the book lovers, the world's largest trade fair for books Frankfurt Book Fair will held be in October every year!

It doesn't matter when you visit Germany because there will be always a great Festival :) ! So create your trip on itinari now!

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The author

Alara Benlier

Alara Benlier

My name is Alara Benlier, I am Turkish but currently living in Germany! I share my experiences in Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands!

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