Picture © Credits to istock/Remedios
Picture © Credits to istock/Remedios

Upper Carniola

The region of Upper Carniola is located in the north western part of Slovenia, and shares a southern border with Croatia. Thanks to its high mountains range and many national parks, this region is maybe one of the most famous in Slovenia....

Upper Carniola is best known for the city of Bled, and its namesake lake. A magnificent site, where you can visit the Church of the Mother of God, a charming building located on a microscopic island in the middle of the lake, or Castle Bled, the most ancient Croatian castle, dating back to the beginning of the 11th century.\n\nIf you're more into nature, the Triglav National Park is a great place to go hiking. With plenty of mountains, lakes, gorges, caves, rivers, canyons and waterfalls, this National Park is heaven for trekkers

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