Picture © Credits to istock/DutchScenery
Picture © Credits to istock/DutchScenery


The region of Utrecht is located right in the center of Northern Europe and its history started in the Roman times....

The Utrecht Region provides a vibrant, creative, young, inspirational and international environment thus it is suitable for several activities. On your wishlist you should definitely include a boat trip that will guide you through the city’s canals and will make you see the environment from a totally different perspective. If you are a nature love, then do not miss the chance to go and explore the region via bike. Yes, one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world gives you the opportunity of exploring its rivers, citadels, forts and castles from the comfort of your own bike. Before leaving make sure you visited the Dom Tower, the city castle Oudaen and the University museum.

Cities and towns to visit in Utrecht

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