Picture © Credits to istock/QQ7
Picture © Credits to istock/QQ7


A small region with a mild climate, it stretches from the French Côte d'Azur (to the west) to Tuscany (to the east), forming a crescent along the Ligurian Sea....

Consisting mostly of mountains and wooded hills that will delight hikers, it leads abruptly to the sea via a steep, craggy coastline interspersed with coves. The many tourist sites on the coast (including Portofino and Sanremo) together make up the Italian Riviera, a key spot for recreation and luxury beach resorts. The small towns with their narrow winding streets, fortresses and palaces remind visitors of the glories of the region's history. This is the birthplace of pesto (a sauce made from basil and pine nuts) and of focaccia.

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