Picture © Credits to istock/sborisov
Picture © Credits to istock/sborisov


Île-de-France, also referred to as the 'Parisian Region', is the demographic and economic heart of the country....

Close to 20% of the national population lives here and the region is home to many international companies and prestigious universities and 'Grandes écoles' in France. The principal sectors are those of finance, consultancy and other high value-added services. Moreover, the worldwide attractiveness of Paris and the presence of the Disneyland theme park are also substantial sources of revenue. The region's road and rail transport networks are extremely well served, facilitating trade and travel. But all is not urban sprawl, however: the region is also known for its natural beauty, in the form of parks, forests and river land. The region is also one the most touristic of the country, but not by french people. With Paris as one of the most visited city of the world the region has a real touristic power all over the world.

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