Picture © Credits to istock/Adrian Wojcik
Picture © Credits to istock/Adrian Wojcik

Central Albania

The central region is located in the center of the country. The most populated city of the region and the country is Tirana, the capital of Albania....

This city is a cultural hot spot, a place with plenty of museums : science, art galleries, The National Museum and theaters. Apart from the capital, the region is also characterized by a mix of cultures. Go around the different cities and enjoy the fortresses, castles and monuments of the many people who have lived here. Additionally, the region has many lakes and rivers to explore around. The most important river is the Erzen, which crosses the region before ending in the Adriatic Sea. The Bovilla reservoir is a huge lake located close to the national park called, Dajti National Park. This park is full of mountains and is a perfect location for hiking, during the summer days.

Cities and towns to visit in Central Albania

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